Burst Health for Life!

What is Bursting?

“Bursting,” also known as short, intensive interval training, is a great way to achieve cardio fitness without spending hours working out. The authors of The Power of Full Engagement reference a joint study conducted by Harvard and Columbia Universities: “researchers found that a series of short doses of intense aerobic activity – each one sixty seconds or less – followed by complete aerobic recovery, had a profound positive impact on participants.”

Current worldwide research shows short intensive training is as much as
four to six times more beneficial than aerobic exercise.

How do I Burst?

The idea is that you do a cardiovascular activity of your choice full out for 1 minute.  Then recover for 2 minutes.  Repeat 3 times and you’re done!  The trick is to make sure that at the end of your 1 minute of your full out exercise you can’t possibly do more or you won’t get the benefit.  So if you choose running, sprint for 1 minute so that at the end of that time you have to slow down.  Then walk briskly for 2 minutes. Repeat.  Yes, your health and fitness can be that simple.

What’s the easist, most beneficial tool to achieve effective Bursting?

What is used by professional sports athletes, the U.S Skiing and Rowing Teams, and the U.S. Navy Seals?

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